How to start an Engineering Journal

🌱 Seedling
Created on
May 25, 2021

Growing Engineers is not easy here are some tips that have helped my career

Keep a Programming Log

I like to use Notion to keep my Log
I like to use Notion to keep my Log

Having a good place where you can document some of the main problems you've encountered during your career, as well as a place where you put the solutions, is a great practice. It will make you a great engineer and your future self will always be grateful whenever you encounter that CSS trick you did once to adjust the height of the viewport 3 years ago.

# Things to Journal: 
🍍 Date and signature (In notion I type @today) 
🍓 Problems encountered 
🍇 Solutions explored and what worked 
🫐 Log successes 
🥝 Things to keep in mind and re-visit later 
🍒 Goals and lessons learned (even down to communicating with a technical team) 

Here is an example entry from my Journal:

# Infinite loop on `useEffect` react hook 🪝 
## Feb 18, 2020 - React, Hooks
### Problem: 
You can easily create an infinite loop by the mis-use of the `useEffect` hook. 
This can happen if you’re doing data fetching in an effect without the second dependencies argument. Without it, effects run after every render — and setting 
the state will trigger a re-render which also triggers the effects again. Hence.. an infinite loop. An infinite loop may also happen if you specify a value that always changes in the dependency array.