A recipe for 1:1s

A recipe for 1:1s

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July 15, 2021

1:1s can be difficult. But the key to success is the key to many things: be prepared.



  • 100% gratitude
  • clear expectations
  • humility
  • active listening
  • support
  • feedback


  1. Start with gratitude. Thank them for their time and show them that you are grateful for their support.
  2. Show support. Tell them you need to rely on them for decisions that benefit the team. If you show humility and tell them that:
    1. You don't know it all
    2. That you need them to be succesful, then they will most likely be on your side and you can work together to reach goals.
  3. Set expectations: what is the purpose of this week? this meeting? What is going on at a high level that they should know about.
  4. Be an active listener and ask for feedback: the better you practice listening, the better you will get at detecting slight shifts in motivation/emotions/etc. If you can listen, you can become a more empathetic manger and that is the key for gaining your report's trust and even friendship.
  5. In the end reiterate gratitude and share next steps and key takeaways.

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