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Rice Hopper • Esther's Digital Garden


Welcome to my digital garden, this place is a public learning tool that I will use to share, learn and collaborate together with you! It is a step towards less ignorance and more awareness. Join me as I learn to become a better Photographer, Engineering Manager and Human.

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🍃 Engineering Management

🍃 Leadership & Strategy

🍃 Photography

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Key ideas

A digital garden is a collection of notes, research, links, sketches, etc. It allows me to cultivate knowledge within a community.

🌱 Seedling - it means it's an idea that its starting to sprout and I will be exploring more often.

🌷 Budding - an idea that stems from another one. Think of it as a flower to a plant.

🌳 Evergreen - An ever-growing idea that has found a good place in my garden.

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🌱 Seedling
How to start an Engineering Journal
🌱 Seedling
May 25, 2021
A recipe for 1:1s
🌱 Seedling
July 15, 2021
🌳 Evergreen
How to beat Impostor Syndrome for good
🌳 Evergreen
🗞 article
May 28, 2021